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This section describes the ideas for what is on the drawing board .....................
Talyllyn for MSTS
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Route Description
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March 2018
Now that all assets for the Talyllyn are finished, it's time to think of a new challenge!
Since moving to North Wales, the opportunity to see and visit easily, the range of Narrow Gauge steam railways up here, has made me think of creating a new Route for the TS2018 simulator.
Talyllyn for TS2018
So I am planning to build the Ffestiniog Railway along the same lines as I have for the Talyllyn.
While making plans for building my own version of the Ffestiniog, I learnt of someone else who has been on the same wavelength as me!!
So we have collaborated and I can advise that there is a full
Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway route available for download, together with some rolling stock.
Details for anyone interested are
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The route will be custom built, with as many custom assets from the Ffestiniog as I can manage. It will also be "true-scale" with a new track of 600mm gauge (1ft-11.5in) as per the real Ffestiniog.
This will be a long term project so I have no targets or timescales at the moment.

Any feedback is welcome so feel free to email at: