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The route has been created using real world Digital Elevation Model (DEM) terrain landscape data and the track laid to real Talyllyn profiles so that you can now experience the skills required by the Talyllyn drivers in running the trains up and down the line. Almost all the scenery objects have been created and textured using photo-realistic techniques taken from hundreds of digital photographs of the railway. This adds to the realism and atmosphere of the line
• Terrain developed from real world DEM (digital elevation data) that gives a realistic feel to the Talyllyn mountains and valley.
• Accurate trackwork gradient profiles
• Custom built objects taken from the actual Talyllyn route
• Over 90% photorealistic texturing from photographing actual Talyllyn objects.
• A selection of Talyllyn locomotives and rolling stock.
• Rolling stock with opening carriage doors, interior passenger views and locomotive smoke and steam effects.
The Talyllyn Railway for MSTS includes features such as :-
Talyllyn for MSTS
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Route Description
How To Order
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