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Installation of the MSTS Talyllyn Route is via the self install package that auto-starts on inserting the CD.
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Route Description
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Installation of the Talyllyn Adventure 2.1 package is via the auto-installation package.

Details are given on the Read Me file on the CD and are summarised for New & Existing User installs from the menu above.
Oct 2014 - The new TS2015 menu system with it's filters is causing problems accessing all 3rd party asset content.
Please see the help document within the Downloads section for some workaround methods until full details are available to content providers on how to fully use the new menu structure.
FIXED in Later versions of TS2015
Nov 2015 - The Talyllyn Adventure 2 route is fully compatible with the latest TS2016 package.
Jan 2016 - The Talyllyn Adventure 2.1 auto-install file maybe slow to start on some PCs. You can copy the install file onto your PC from the to assist this process. Details are on teh Install Help option on theCD install menu.

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