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Existing users are strongly recommended to un-install the original Talyllyn Adventure package.
Talyllyn for MSTS
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Route Description
How To Order
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You can un-install the route by accessing the TS2018 Utilities program, going to the Package Manger tab.
Click on the Talyllyn Adventure 1.2 package & then click Uninstall
If you have any other SPTalyllyn package (as shown) then these should be uninstalled in the same way.
They are all included in the new Talyllyn Adventure 2.1 package

Install new Talyllyn Adventure 2
Un-Install original Talyllyn Adventure package
Full details are included in the Installation process from the CD and also in the User Guide supplied.

Inserting the CD will start a self installation process to install all Talyllyn Adventure 2.1 components into the correct folders within Railworks. If the Self-Installer does not start automatically, browse to Autorun folder on the CD and double-click the Autorun.exe file

The package to be deleted via the TS2018 Package Manager in the normal way.
Talyllyn for TS2018