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Route Description
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September 2014
This is the launch of the new re-vamped website for the Talyllyn Railway Routes for TS2015 & MS TrainSimulator.
I've launched the site with the name "The Virtual Talyllyn Railway" as it better describes the purpose of this site.
The aim is to provide access to the two routes, Railway Adventure 2 (for the TS2014 & TS2015 simulators) and continued availability of the Talyllyn Railway route for Microsoft's Train Simulator which is now over 10 years old but still popular given the requests for that CD version.

You can access screenshots, descriptions and ordering infomation from this site and I will update the Support & Download sections as & when patches or extra downlaods become available.

The new route release,Talylyn Adventure 2 combines all the current rolling stock downloads into one as well as the addition of a couple of new locos.

I'm also pleased to say that the new route has passing loop trains! This is something that I have been trying to do since the simulator became available but without success and thanks Richard Maxted for working this out and implementing it for me on the Talyllyn.
Talyllyn for TS2018